Author: Steve Coscia

Steve Coscia is an industry expert that helps HVACR companies make more money through increased customer retention, improved upselling, and reduced job stress.

Coworker Synergy in 2021

More than ever, this new year will require employees who can work together as a team.  Within most companies’ departments such […]

Service & Emotional Intelligence

The best service professionals have intuition that enables them to quickly size up both a situation and the people involved.  […]

Being Proactive

Nothing could have prepared me for this year’s business challenges. Most of my revenue is earned by conducting educational seminars.  […]

Dehydration Reality for Technicians

What does dehydration and technician behavior have in common?  Keep reading.  Enduring the rigors of hostile work environments, such as […]

Measure Twice, Cut Once

The mechanical trades place much emphasis on measuring twice and cutting once to ensure positive outcomes and a satisfied customer.  Whenever technicians […]

The Counterintuitive Service Manager

Irate customers are no fun. When I was a service manager, handling the escalated phone calls required rational thought and […]

The Power of Grit

In November, I had the honor to speak at ACCA’s Service Manager conference in Dayton, OH.  The speech began with […]

Customer Service Culture and Management

During onsite client visits, I gain direct access to what happens inside of a service organization. One key phenomenon that […]

Stop Analysis Paralysis–Make Better Management Decisions

Seminar attendees often ask me about time management. They’re interested in getting more done, being efficient and making better choices […]

Cognitive Capture, Mind Drift, and Biases

During my seminars, attendees learn numerous relationship-building skills and one of the most vital skills is listening.  Unfortunately, our smartphones […]

Commercial Contractors Thrive On Teamwork

One of my first clients was a commercial real estate developer who managed 103 million square feet of industrial and office properties in […]

Do Life and Work Skills Begin at Home?

At the start of 2019, I send you my best wishes for much good health, passionate customer relationships and business […]

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