Author: Jack Rise

Jack Rise, CMS, is a Certificate Member Specialist of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society. He has extensive industry experience having worked as a contractor for 18 years, as a distributor of HVAC products for 13 years and for a major HVAC manufacturer for 5 years. In 2004 Jack formed his own company, Jack Rise HVAC Technical Training, and works out of his office in Tampa, Florida. Jack is an ACCA/EPIC certified instructor for all of the ACCA residential and commercial design manuals including the 8th Edition of Manual J (Residential Load Calculations), the 3rd Edition of Manual D (Residential Duct System Design), the 5th Edition of Manual N (Commercial Load Calculations) and Manual Q (Commercial Low Pressure, Low Velocity Duct System Design). Jack travels extensively around the country conducting seminars on residential and commercial load calculations, system design and on the use of HVAC computer based software. He was an RSES instructor for 10 years, currently runs training sessions for NATE and EPA/CFC Section 608 Certifications and ACCA/ANSI Standard 5 (HVAC Quality Installation Standard). Jack has authored two books as companion manuals for both Manual J and Manual D. He is the author and presenter of the ACCA HVAC Essentials series and the NATE Essentials series of training CDs. He is a 35+ year member of RSES, a Life Member of the North Jersey Chapter of ACCA, an associate member of ACCA-Florida and FRACCA and a Life Member of the NATE Technical Committee.

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