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Advocate for HVACR during the Congressional Recess

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The August recess period is a time when Members of Congress return to their states and districts to hold events and visit with constituents. These events provide an opportunity to get acquainted with your federal representatives, learn what policies and proposals they support, and advocate for the skilled trades. With workforce challenges at an all-time high, ACCA is encouraging members to take a break from the summer gauntlet and attend events with your policymakers during the August recess.

Upcoming events with your policymakers can be found in several locations. Websites such as Town Hall Project provide lists of congressional events, meetings, and town halls as they are scheduled and publicized. Alternatively, you can contact your federal policymakers’ offices via phone and ask when the next scheduled town hall meeting – either in-person, virtual, or via telephone – will be held. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been easier for policymakers to hold telephone town halls and virtual events. If the response is “none,” or something similar, express your disappointment and your hope that the policymaker will soon hold events to hear from their constituents and proponents of supporting the skilled trades.

If your policymaker has not scheduled any constituent events or meetings during the August recess, you can team up with your local HVAC school to create your own event, invite the policymaker to attend, and keep up the pressure on them to act. A site visit to your local trade school and a tour of the facility will provide a first-hand look for policymakers at the positive impacts that skilled trades and Career and Technical Education funding are playing in their states, districts, and local communities. You can also use the recess time to schedule a meeting with your policymaker while they are back home in their district or state office.

For more ACCA advocacy resources, please visit ACCA’s advocacy resources page. If you have any questions about advocating for skilled trades and Career and Technical Education funding with federal policymakers, please contact your ACCA Government Relations and Advocacy Team.

Barton James

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