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ACCA’s Conference – A Sensational Event!

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The 2019 ACCA Conference in San Antonio, Texas was sensational. The FSU student chapter, with the help of the board, was able to have 4 students attend this year. The rest of the members and I who attended had a wonderful time and would like to share what we learned and took a way from the experience.

Nicklas Visser, a freshman had this to say. “At the ACCA conference in San Antonio, I learned how to talk to people in the industry more comfortably and effectively. Communication is a valuable skill that all technicians need to have, whether it be between management and the tech or the tech and customers. The customer service class taught me that it isn’t just about fixing air conditioners and furnaces, but also building relationships with the customer. My job as a tech is to leave and not return for the same or related issue, and to make the customer happy, because a happy customer is a repeat customer.”

Trevor Kunkle, the other freshman on the trips states, “ The ACCA 2019 Convention was a great learning experience and networking opportunity. The conversations at the discussion tables and presentation seminars helped give insight on the challenges the industry is facing and on what has been working well for companies. It was also interesting to see the new technologies and products coming into the field at the expo.”

Aaron Bontrager, a sophomore relates his experience by saying, “I firstly want to thank MIACCA for their donation that allowed us to travel and participate in the events that were held. Attending the conference showed me a different perspective pertaining to the way companies are ran and how they are trying their best to provide a positive work experience for incoming technicians. I was able to see the struggles these companies face when it comes to mitigating turnover. A positive aspect of attending the conference was the networking. Being able to walk around, listen, and talk to contractors really grew me as a speaker and gave me confidence on knowing this is the path I want to go. I am excited on continuing my membership with ACCA and participating in the related ACCA events.”

My colleagues really sum up the same feelings I have about attending the conference. Even though this was the second time, I still feel as if it was my first, because of how different the topics were that were tackled. Last year, home performance seemed to be a key issue, while this year it seemed that youth in the workplace was the big topic of discussion. It showed me how this industry is constantly changing and that is really exciting for me. As always, you meet new contractors and get to just see things that you wouldn’t see sitting down in a classroom.

I thank MIACCA again for their generosity because this experience would not have been possible without it. I speak on behalf of the entire Chapter in saying we look forward to the rest of the year and the events ACCA has planned whether it be another Fall picnic or another community service initiative. Thank you once again and we are excited for what the future holds.

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