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ACCA Urges Congress to Reject H.R. 842 and S. 420, the PRO ACT

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On Friday ACCA urged Congressional leadership to reject H.R. 842 and S. 420, the PRO Act. This legislation would rewrite our country’s labor laws in a way that overwhelmingly favors labor unions and threatens the rights of employers and employees alike. Some of the most troubling provisions include:

  • Giving unions the power to demand employers not do business with other non-union companies
  • Giving unions the sole determination over the manner elections are conducted—effectively eliminating secret balloting
  • Eliminates workers’ rights to remove unions that have failed to adequately represent their interests
  • Limiting the ability of businesses and individuals to utilize independent contractors
  • Banning all state right-to-work laws
  • Eliminating the right of employers to withdraw recognition from a union, even upon evidence that all employees want the union out
  • Mandating civil fines up to $50,000 for any “unfair labor practice” (double for repeat offenders), and $10,000 daily fines for non-compliance with any National Labor Relations Board order

Many of the provisions in this bill have been previously rejected by Congress on a bipartisan basis, overturned by the Judicial Branch, or withdrawn by federal agencies.

If you haven’t already, ACCA asks that you take a moment to participate in our Action Alert on the PRO Act to let your representatives in Congress know why the PRO Act would harm small businesses. You can do so by clicking here.

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