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Mourning the loss of Jack Rise, ACCA Educational Program Instructor and ACCA Now Contributor

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As we welcome the New Year and navigate new challenges with COVID-19, ACCA is saddened to share the passing of Jack Rise, ACCA Educational Program Instructor and ACCA Now contributor. Jack was a certified member of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society and had 36 years of industry experience, having worked as both a contractor and distributor of HVACR products. As an ACCA Educational Program Instructor Certification (EPIC) certified instructor, Jack shared his vast industry knowledge with countless students through ACCA’s residential and commercial design manuals, on-demand and live virtual courses, and ACCA’s nationally recognized industry standards.

Jack’s success as an educator stemmed from his ability to share his personal experiences as a technician with students. He truly cared about advancing the industry and had a unique teaching style that was adaptable and relatable. His passion for the industry serves as inspiration to continue learning, whether it be through ACCA’s ComfortU training center, in-person training, on-demand training, live virtual courses, or with ACCA’s residential and commercial design manuals, like Understanding Manual J® and Understanding Manual D®, both written by Jack.

I first had an opportunity to sit down with Jack shortly after I joined the ACCA team in 2016. Jack was at the ACCA office for one of his training courses and was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to share what ACCA was working on from an advocacy standpoint with his class. After that first meeting with Jack and his students, it was clear he was fully committed to ACCA’s mission of representing the industry on Capitol Hill and before state legislators, utilities, code officials, the media, manufacturers, and other industry sectors for HVACR contractors. Jack understood that contractors could make a difference by being better technically, and making their voice heard by contacting Congress or state legislatures. He cared deeply about the industry and emphasized that contractors must have a strong and unified voice representing them on Capitol Hill. True to Jack’s nature, he underscored this by being a top-level supporter of ACCA-PAC.

Jack will be remembered as a dedicated contractor and champion of ACCA. His positivity, generosity, knowledge, and determination touched the entire industry. Our deepest condolences are with Jack’s loved ones. He will be greatly missed.

Barton James

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