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ACCA Drives Customers and Builders to QA Contractors

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If you want more customers and builders to visit your website, then you need to be a QA Contractor. ACCA sent over 14,000 customers and builders to QA Contractor websites over the past year. The Quality Assured (QA) Contractor Directory located on the ACCA website at and the ACCA Contractor Locator at offer links to contractor company websites. How will accreditation increase your website traffic and give you more business? Our data below will tell you.

The Details

From February 18, 2020, to February 18, 2021, there were 21,977 total visits to a contractor website for both the QA Contractor Directory and the ACCA Contractor Locator. Out of those website visits, 14,590 went to QA Accredited contractor websites. 66% of the time, customers or builders are searching to learn more about QA Contractors.


Our QA Contractor Directory was once a way to identify ENERGY STAR credentialed contractors, now it also sends your business revenue-generating leads! As a contractor, it is good to know that the QA Contractor Directory and ACCA Contractor Locator are helpful to your business. When a potential customer or builder performs a search in our QA Contractor Directory or our ACCA Contractor Locator, they can certainly find quality contractors. As you may know, having a professional company website helps your business succeed. People are more likely to trust your business when you have a great and legitimate website.

Did You See a Jump?

If you noticed an increase in calls or sales after your business has become accredited, please let us know! This directory and locator will certainly bring you the potential of lots of new business directly to your website! If your business is not already accredited, apply on our website at so that your business can be on our QA Contractor Directory and thrive! If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 703-824-8877.

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