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A Ballot Initiative Preserving Access to Natural Gas? It’s happening in Washington State and you can help get it on the ballot! 

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Map of the United States indicating states with varying levels of fuel bans or fuel choice laws.

Advances in heat pump technology make electrification a great solution for a growing number of homes and businesses, but going 100% electric isn’t always the most efficient, affordable, or comfortable solution. That’s why ACCA fights to preserve fuel choice – allowing contractors to offer consumers a range of solutions for their homes and businesses. 

Many state and local governments are jumping the gun by banning natural gas in building codes, eliminating efficiency rebates for gas equipment, or allowing public utilities to end gas service altogether. Particularly in cold climates, these rules can result in heat pumps oversized for cooling loads, humidity and mold issues, and costly and inefficient supplemental heat and dehumidification. 

At least 26 state legislatures have now taken action to preserve fuel choice by enacting legislation that prevents local jurisdictions from banning natural gas. Such legislation has met stiff resistance in blue state legislatures – like Washington State — but voters overwhelmingly support fuel choice. A February poll suggests that 73% of Washington voters oppose banning natural gas for residential heating. 

That’s why we’re excited to share that the Washington Air Conditioning Contractors Association (WAACCA) and a coalition of other industry associations have teamed up to put fuel choice on the ballot in November! 

If it gets on the ballot, WAACA is confident that Initiative 2066 will pass, but they must first gather 405,000 signatures from registered voters by July 5! Volunteer efforts can help, but gathering so many signatures in just six weeks will require a paid campaign costing at least $2 million.  

That’s where you come in! A successful citizen initiative in a true-blue state like Washington would set an important national precedent that may make legislators think twice about restricting fuel choice. Contractors and their allies nationwide have a stake in supporting Washington’s initiative! Please consider supporting the campaign with a timely contribution at 

Businesses with operations in Washington State can also support the campaign by asking their employees and customers to sign the petition. You can order official signature forms by visiting 

Momentum for this campaign has been driven by recent attempts by the Washington State Building Code Council to ban gas appliances and restrict fuel choice. Despite our best efforts, the legislature also recently passed HB 1589 which gives Puget Sound Energy (an investor-owned, combination utility in Western Washington) permission to restrict or eliminate gas service to its customers. The initiative fights back by: 

  • Prohibiting state and local governments from banning, restricting or disincentivizing the use of gas in new or existing homes or commercial buildings. 
  • Preventing the Washington State Energy Code from prohibiting, penalizing or disincentivizing the use of gas for heating, cooking, or other appliances in any building. 
  • Barring the State Building Code Council (SBCC) from amending either the residential or non-residential energy code to prohibit, penalize, or discourage the use of gas for heating, cooking, or other appliances in any building. 
  • Repealing various provisions of ESHB 1589 (2024) including the intent section, restrictions on rebates for gas appliances.   
  • Preventing a regional clean air agency from prohibiting the use of gas. 

If Washington State is successful at stopping gas bans at the polls this November, not only will it stifle future attempts in Washington state, but it will also have ripple effects across the country. 

Your support for this initiative is much needed and deeply appreciated.  

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