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The S doesn’t stand for secret

Have you ever caught yourself pondering, “would a different indoor coil help with dehumidification,” or, “how does airflow affect efficiency?” The capacities and efficiencies that our equipment operates at can be manipulated in multiple ways. Understanding the fundamentals of how equipment functions and where to obtain this information can eliminate potential problems before they can even start.

Compassion is Key

Dealing with infuriated customers is no fun. When I was a service manager, handling phone calls with angry customers required me to employ the behaviors of rational thought and self-control. […]

Happy National HVAC Tech Day from ACCA

For many of us, the start of the summer means getting back to the things we enjoy – hiking, swimming, […]


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Update on GFCI Nuisance Trips on Outdoor HVAC Equipment Related to 2020 NEC

Informal testing results from Trane show GFCI outlets or disconnects severely affect variable capacity equipment (ECM / brushless rotor motors / inverter technology). Single speed and two speed equipment has proven to be less susceptible to nuisance trips. This is good news, but much more work needs to be done.

Promoting the HVAC-R Workforce

ACCA members’ number one public policy priority is workforce. We have heard from members across the country who are struggling […]

ACCA Seeks 2021 Service Manager of the Year Nominations

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) is seeking nominations for the Service Manager of the Year award, sponsored by […]

The Best of the Best in HVACR

The light at the end of the tunnel is here. We overcame the COVID-19 pandemic, and ACCA contractor members continue […]

Is Your Company Reliant on Tribal Knowledge?

In field service, the core of any service company is the strength and tribal knowledge of its service technicians. At […]

Can A Workers Comp Claim Hurt the Sale of My Business?

Question: One of my techs injured himself and is out on workers’ compensation and I don’t think the guy is coming back […]

Federated Insurance Presents Annual ACCA Super S.T.A.R Award to Bob McHolland of United Mechanical Corporation

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) recently announced that Bob McHolland of United Mechanical Corporation in Charlotte, North Carolina, […]


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Proposed Removal of Press-Connect Fittings for Refrigeration in Uniform Mechanical Code – For Now

During a recent virtual meeting, modifications and revisions were proposed for a variety of HVACR standards, including a requirement for fittings to be brazed only, eliminating the use of press-connect fittings tested and certified to UL Standard 207.

When Good Codes Go Bad – ACCA Is on Guard

With guidance from the Codes Subcommittee, ACCA has been publicly fighting for our members against several “bad” code requirements. Sometimes […]

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