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Blank-Image Phishing Attacks Impersonate DocuSign

A new phishing scam involving malicious code inside blank images has been surfacing recently. Read more about what to look out for on this blog.

Has Inflation Left Your Business Underinsured?

Inflation and supply chain issues may lead business owners being underinsured during a disaster. Check out this blog to learn if you’re underinsured.

Workplace Theft – Who’s Liable?

On the chance that one of your employees steals from a customer, who’s liable? The employee or the employer? You can find out in this blog.

Hurry Up or Wait? How to Talk to Customers About Inflation Reduction Act Incentives

The Inflation Reduction Act’s rebate programs may not start until late 2023. Some customers may be qualified for different rebates or not at all.

What Does a Million Dollar Electrical Cord Look Like?

A faulty electrical cord could end up causing millions of dollars of damage. Read how to keep your facility safe with regular maintenance at this blog.

Credit Card Fraud and How to Prevent It

There are various ways for your credit card information to get stolen. Stay informed and protected from credit card fraud with this blog.

Back To Square One

After years of success, take some time to review your prices to ensure you’re making profit. Read this blog to make sure your business is priced for profit.

ACCA MIX Groups® Build Business Value

ACCA’s MIX Groups build business value, such as networking and increasing industry connections. Read this blog to learn more about MIX Groups.

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